Happy 4th of July

I am so excited ....I have been catching up on several of the blogs that I follow and suddenly it hit me that hopefully we will have our son home by July 4, 2010. We have been in Grayton Beach for a week with my mom and dad, my sister and my three nephews. It was the best trip and even with six kids it was easy and fun. It was fun to think about having eight kiddos next year on the 4th.....that's right our son plus my sister-in-law (and Jax's mom) is expecting. Her due date is in January so her son/daughter will definitely be here and we will just keep hoping that we will have returned home from Ethiopia ourselves. You should have heard us trying to explain that Aunt Jen was having a baby but that he is not in my belly like his mom but in my heart. It was also precious to hear him pronounce Ethiopia.

I had hoped to have all the paperwork done before leaving for the beach but it just didn't happen. However, once I got home all the papers I was waiting on had come in and while we were gone our home study was finalized and ready for me to pick up!! So now all that is left is getting that piece of paper from USCIS.... but I have to go have my fingerprints taken a second time and my appointment got delayed until July 14th. I would get mad or something but I try to remember that everything is in God's timing not mine and that things will happen as they should.

On our trip we had fun trying to come up with a name. We had several suggestions Cooper, Hayes, Alex, Taze and a few others. I feel certain the list will grow before it narrows plus I keep reminding everyone that he may already have a name. It is becoming so real and although I resisted the urge to buy any baby items I really had fun looking. I also met a very nice lady who had adopted domestically four years ago and she told me to celebrate all the milestones in the process .......makes it easier to endure the process.

I hope you had a wonderful fourth also.......I feel so blessed as you hear me say often but in all honesty we had a very blessed vacation and 4th!

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