A Week of Wonder(ing)

I wonder how long it will be until we get to hold Sam, I wonder how big he is and how he is feeling. I wonder if we are going to travel on the 13th. I wonder, I wonder I wonder and for those of you who know me I really like to know these things:) To catch everyone up....we received tentative travel dates early last week. On Thursday our paperwork got submitted to the embassy but then on Friday the embassy sent out a message that all adoptions were potentially going to be delayed due to further investigations. There was a story that aired on CBS on Feb.15th that was about unethical practices with Ethiopian adoptions which has started the Embassy looking into each adoption further. The news report was about a different agency than ours and there were some questionable reporting but it seems to be affecting all adoptions. I definitely want everything to be on the up and up for all adoptions but I also really want my baby!!!

When I spoke with our agency on Monday they did not know how it might affect our travel group but that I might be o.k. since our paperwork was sent on Thursday before the decision to stop issuing visas. But now it is Wednesday night and I still have not heard from our agency. I have called and sent emails but no word. The tickets we reserved are only on hold through tomorrow and I really don't know what to do. I knew there would be some question and risk but with this new situation I am not particularly wanting to book tickets and incur change fees, incr. rates, etc. if they already know for a fact that no visas will be given.......ugh.....lil frustrating. Part of my heart is still hoping that maybe we get to travel on the 13th but my head is preparing for an 8 WEEK DELAY.

I hope the Embassy lets our agency know something soon and then that the word gets to all the families waiting quickly....

Would love your prayers,


God's Healing Power

Thank you all so much for your prayers, comments and concerns about Sam's health. I am overjoyed to report that we received the following email from America World yesterday...

Dear Connelly Family,

As our transition home did not have power or internet yesterday, we have received a health update on Bezakulu today. I wanted to pass along the information that Bezakulu is done with all medication and doing well! Have a great day!

As excited as I have been about passing court and getting travel dates my heart has been heavy in regards to how my sweet boy is feeling and doing. I am now smiling ear to ear and walking on air!

Next step is flight itinerary...hoping to receive this today!

I have to tell everyone that this has been the most incredible process and although not always easy or stress free it has strengthened my faith, shown me God's love and given me an incredible joy. I love being a mom and can't wait to have Sam in my arms!!!!!


Tentative Travel Plans

We did not receive an update on Sam's health today but we did receive a picture and note from another family that is in Ethiopia that took our care package and we received our tentative travel dates. Assuming we can get an appointment with the consulate and that the correct documents get there we will travel on March 13th!!!!!!! I am so excited and have already faxed back the documents AWAA needs to get the ball rolling. I can't believe I might hold my sweet boy in less than a month!


He's Ours!!! Samuel Hayes Bezakulu Connelly

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We passed court!!!!!!!!!! What a long couple of days...ever since we found out Sam was sick I have been very worried and anxious and knew that there was a very good chance court would not go well and that we might be delayed in getting Sam home. They say that 50% of cases don't pass but lately on the adoption blog it seems like a greater percentage than that. We were one of the fortunate few that did pass and I am more than thankful. Anna said that we should get a report on Sam's health tomorrow so I am praying that he is feeling better. It may be about 6 weeks until we travel to Ethiopia but will find out more in a week.

We have had so many wonderful people praying for Sam lately and I appreciate it SO much. Your prayers mean the world to our family and there is no way to Thank you each enough. The power of prayer..........it is so incredible.

Now to the part you really wanted to see in the first place..........Sam's pictures!!!!
The first picture is one we received 2 weeks ago from Kara who was kind enough to deliver a care package and send pictures. The other two are the pictures we received from America World when they called with the referral.


Our sweet boy is sick

We received a call today from our family coordinator that our son Sam is very sick. He has pneumonia and is being treated with oxygen and three medicines. My heart is aching and I feel sick to my stomach. I can't believe he is so sick and I am so far away! I ask for your prayers for healing and for the doctors who are caring for him. I pray that he knows how loved he is and that we are coming after him as soon as we can.


Babies R Us

Wow...there is so much to check out at a baby store now. It has been six years since I was buying baby items and I was so overwhelmed. I was at the store for one hour and only made it through the first six aisles. I did have fun though and even bought 12 new bottles and three boxes of wipes (I didn't make it to the diaper aisle). I also sent off Sam's second care package to a family that leaves this Friday. It is a little over a week until our court date and I am telling everyone I see and asking for their prayers.....asking for yours too.


Court Date Assigned!!

We received our court date today....it is February 16th, which is actually the night of the 15th for us. I ask for your prayers that our case will be heard that day and that we will receive a favorable decision. Only 50% of cases pass on the first court hearing....so we will need everyone's prayers! This is the next step in bringing Sam home and it was such a nice surprise to find out that the date was not too far off.

We also received a new picture of our sweet son. A family that is in Ethiopia this week picking up their daughter took a care package for us and then sent this picture which was such a wonderful blessing....he looks so happy. Wish I could post a picture but until we pass court they will not allow us to. I am going to be sending another care package to a family that is traveling over Valentine's Day.

I love Sam so much already and eagerly, anxiously, excitedly await having him in my arms...I may never let him down.