He's Ours!!! Samuel Hayes Bezakulu Connelly

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We passed court!!!!!!!!!! What a long couple of days...ever since we found out Sam was sick I have been very worried and anxious and knew that there was a very good chance court would not go well and that we might be delayed in getting Sam home. They say that 50% of cases don't pass but lately on the adoption blog it seems like a greater percentage than that. We were one of the fortunate few that did pass and I am more than thankful. Anna said that we should get a report on Sam's health tomorrow so I am praying that he is feeling better. It may be about 6 weeks until we travel to Ethiopia but will find out more in a week.

We have had so many wonderful people praying for Sam lately and I appreciate it SO much. Your prayers mean the world to our family and there is no way to Thank you each enough. The power of prayer..........it is so incredible.

Now to the part you really wanted to see in the first place..........Sam's pictures!!!!
The first picture is one we received 2 weeks ago from Kara who was kind enough to deliver a care package and send pictures. The other two are the pictures we received from America World when they called with the referral.


  1. Congratulations!! This is great news!
    Praying for a quick travel date and for Sam to be healed of his pneumonia. You and Sam are in good hands.

  2. This is wonderful news!! We will continue to pray for you guys and Sam. Can't wait to see that sweet little face!!

    Melissa Johnson

  3. Fantastic news !!! Praying he is feeling better soon.