Getting closer...

As I continue to work on our family photo pages, tracking down medical papers, etc. at times I get discouraged and even begin to question myself (along with several other of my family members). When I seem to struggle however, I am always led to an answer. I was reading the Hamilton's blog which referenced another blog and I was very moved by this ladies post. Here was my answer
"Go. Leave behind the life you planned. SEEK OUT the orphan. Don't ask God one more time if He wants you to adopt. Because...HE'S been asking YOU, who WILL?"

To read her full post go to http://blessingsfromethiopia.blogspot.com/2009/06/i-wish-i-could-tell-you.html

Blessings to you all!


Hague Training and more paperwork

It is Tuesday night and I have spent most of yesterday and today working on the adoption. There is a training program - online that you must complete that takes right at 8 hours to complete. That coupled with making passport copies, tracking down medical information and corresponding with the social worker and family coordinator has kept me "working" full days. The kids went to Pops and Vees house which is how I was able to spend so much time at the computer. Our home study draft was sent to our family coordinator today so hopefully it won't be long until it is approved and sent to the USCIS. I can't wait to be on the waiting list!!!!!!

Excited about this weekend ....we are going to the Ethiopian family meeting/Fellowship group and will get to meet other families on this journey or who have completed the journey. Then off to a concert and to hear Katie Davis speak. It is a big week on the adoption front.

I have also started the photo pages we must do.....it was fun going back through photos however, difficult to find photos with all five of us in them. That is the update for now.



"...once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act."(Proverbs 24:12)


The Infamous Fingerprint Appt.

For anyone else who might be reading this and new to the adoption process let me explain the fingerprint appt. I had heard it was a big deal so when my social worker had me go in Murfreesboro to an office and I walked right in, got fingerprinted and walked out I must admit I thought what is the big deal? Well, that was for the state of TN check.....not the Federal fingerprint appt that is sent to the FBI. While in Branson we received a letter from USCIS that we were to appear at a certain office on June 16th at 11:00am. Wow- no window of time, option of dates, etc. you show up when they say.....you cannot even bring your phone into their building and it was a very formal procedure. Still just took my fingerprints (2-3 of each finger and then all fingers together) but I must say now I understand the big deal. So, Russ and I are officially in the FBI system and being checked out!

Also working on getting our reference letters sent in.....three for the social worker and home study and then three for the dossier. I have such dear friends that are willing to do this for us and I know they are all so busy. Thank you guys.

Branson was interesting....a very long way from Murf. TN. The kids had a nice time at camp and Caroline and I had so much fun just hanging out for a week. This week brings baseball camp for Cole, art class for Caroline and we are keeping Jax from Mon-Wed. We absolutely love having him and it has really been easy. I guess it is probably good for us to get a taste of four!

I am still working on paperwork this week........medical forms and then some Hague training. Loving being home this summer with the kiddos - they are such a joy to me.


What a week!

It has been a very full week on the adoption front. I have been trying to send in paperwork left and right to get as much done as possible before I head out of town for a week. Our last vist by our social worker was Wednesday night and boy was I uptight. It went very well....Bethany checked out the house and had conversations with each of the kids individually. I got a notice that the USCIS had received our paperwork (which is one of the lengthy processes) so things are under way.

It has also been a hard week though. Russ had a conversation with his parents about the adoption on Wednesday and it did not go well. They love him so much and are so worried about the stress this may put on him. They asked to speak with me and him on Friday and I was then a nervous wreck about that. We met with them tonight and they shared their concerns, worries, issues, etc. I tried to explain to them our journey and how God is leading us to this child of ours. They listened and tried to understand. I hope that they will accept our decision and be part of this incredible journey with us. Russ really wants and needs their love and support and I would certainly like it also. The meeting went well and it was nice to be able to sit down and talk about something we didn't necessarily agree on and discuss it in a loving way. Please continue to pray for us, for the Connelly's and for my family. We are a very close knit family and desire to go through this pregnancy just like our others.

Headed off to Branson tomorrow to take the kids to camp. Caroline and I are staying up there and going to do a mommy and me camp/fun time. I would love to think that this time next year there would be another little Connelly but I try not to get my hopes up too high. I am so in love with God, with our child who is not with us yet and with my family - I am so blessed!


Home Visit - Tomorrow!!

Tuesday night at 8:30 and I am almost done preparing the house for our home visit tomorrow night. I don't know why I don't organize and clean up like this on a regular basis instead of when I am under such important deadlines. I have drilled the children with where the fire extinguishers are and the tornado room, fire escape plan etc. I think we are in good shape but I guess we will know for sure tomorrow night. I am also down to the last 4-5 documents needed to submit our dossier to America World. The paperwork is incredible and just keeping up with it all is a task in itself. I am hoping to have everything done before I leave for the kids camp on Saturday. That is all of an update for now...................thinking of a few more things to do before tomorrow.