Hague Training and more paperwork

It is Tuesday night and I have spent most of yesterday and today working on the adoption. There is a training program - online that you must complete that takes right at 8 hours to complete. That coupled with making passport copies, tracking down medical information and corresponding with the social worker and family coordinator has kept me "working" full days. The kids went to Pops and Vees house which is how I was able to spend so much time at the computer. Our home study draft was sent to our family coordinator today so hopefully it won't be long until it is approved and sent to the USCIS. I can't wait to be on the waiting list!!!!!!

Excited about this weekend ....we are going to the Ethiopian family meeting/Fellowship group and will get to meet other families on this journey or who have completed the journey. Then off to a concert and to hear Katie Davis speak. It is a big week on the adoption front.

I have also started the photo pages we must do.....it was fun going back through photos however, difficult to find photos with all five of us in them. That is the update for now.

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