Wait Mailing #2

A month or so ago I would have been so excited about receiving a new email from our adoption agency however now, anything short of a referral call is short. The email was great and included a 22 page document of information about Ethiopia. I was actually surprised at how much I already knew but we bought books a while back and have been reading up on the Ethiopian culture. Still holding out hope for a call this week....but I know the holidays are a busy time. We have been waiting just over 4 months and the wait is 4-6 months.

Our family is headed to Gatlinburg on Thursday with our friends the Stalnakers. Looking forward to playing with the kiddos and getting away from the house. Happy New Years to all!


Turning 40!

Yes it's true ....I am turning 40. It's so funny because I see people who are 28-30 and think they are my age, my friends, my group, etc. I really don't feel 40 and although it does sound a bit old to me to say I'm 40, I really don't think I am old. (My daughter may say differently however). We celebrated with a wonderful party at my parents house that included friends from when I was 5 up until 39. My actual birthday is this coming Tuesday, the 22nd which is also my mother's birthday. I can't help but hope that just maybe we will receive our referral...what an awesome gift that would be! I must admit the past two weeks have been a little tough on the waiting for referral front. Because we know that we are "on deck" and could potentially receive a call at anytime....I can't help but wake up each morning and have a bit of hope that today might be the day. Then about 3:30-4:00 when I know the AWAA office is closing in VA I have a bit of sadness and disappointment. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. I so want God's perfect timing but my humaness (sp??) can't help but switch from hope and excitement to disappointment on a daily basis. Thank goodness for the joy of Christmas which is keeping my spirits high and my body and mind busy.


Shots and more shots....

Well, today Russ and I went to the Vanderbilt travel clinic to get our shots for travel to Ethiopia. I got 5 shots and Russ had to get 6. You might think that was enough but we actually have to get our Hep B from our primary care physician and we may have to go back and get Yellow Fever if we decide we want to leave the city of Addis Adaba on our trip. We also got Typhoid pills an antibiotic prescription and a list of things not to eat. Although this was not just loads of fun it again makes it seem a little closer and a little more real which is very exciting. Next step....is for the phone to ring!

This weekend my husband and parents are giving me a 40th birthday party (no it is not a surprise). The theme is Ethiopian and we are having Ethiopian/African decorations, food and music. I am so looking forward to the party and to sharing a little bit of our sons culture with all my friends and family. I will try to remember to take pics and post them.

Headed to take some more tylenol and massage my arms....


New news...

Sorry there has not been an update in a couple weeks. I have been preparing for Christmas like a crazy lady in hopes of having everything done by Dec. 1st.....that didn't happen 100% but I am actually very close and should easily be finished before the kids get out of school.

Yesterday Russ and I had an appointment with the International Adoption Clinic at Vanderbilt. We met with a pediatrician, occupational therapist and psychologist. It was very interesting and very helpful information. We were there almost three hours but it was such good info that neither one of us minded. I had gone back and forth as to whether it was necessary to go to Vanderbilt (since we have a great Pediatrician in Murfreesboro) but what they do is in addition to what Dr. Collins will do and should be very reassuring.

Next step.........shots. Russ and I both go to the travel clinic tomorrow morning to get our immunizations in order to travel to Ethiopia. Can't really say I am excited about this part but it does make it seem pretty real.

Now for the important news..... I have mentioned before that there is a blog that keeps an unofficial waiting list. I am a regular viewer and even have the three names ahead of mine memorized (Nicol, Beal and Regalado). Thanksgiving week Nicol received their referral, last week Beal received theirs and YES yesterday Regalado received their referral. So we are "unofficially" next on the list for an infant boy!!!! What this means is that from now on I will sleep with my phone, jump everytime it rings and possibly be crazy for the next few weeks. As excited as I get I am at peace with the fact that it will happen exactly when it is suppose to.

That is the update as of today.......hope everyone is joyfully preparing for Jesus' birthday!