Turning 40!

Yes it's true ....I am turning 40. It's so funny because I see people who are 28-30 and think they are my age, my friends, my group, etc. I really don't feel 40 and although it does sound a bit old to me to say I'm 40, I really don't think I am old. (My daughter may say differently however). We celebrated with a wonderful party at my parents house that included friends from when I was 5 up until 39. My actual birthday is this coming Tuesday, the 22nd which is also my mother's birthday. I can't help but hope that just maybe we will receive our referral...what an awesome gift that would be! I must admit the past two weeks have been a little tough on the waiting for referral front. Because we know that we are "on deck" and could potentially receive a call at anytime....I can't help but wake up each morning and have a bit of hope that today might be the day. Then about 3:30-4:00 when I know the AWAA office is closing in VA I have a bit of sadness and disappointment. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. I so want God's perfect timing but my humaness (sp??) can't help but switch from hope and excitement to disappointment on a daily basis. Thank goodness for the joy of Christmas which is keeping my spirits high and my body and mind busy.

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  1. I was surfing AWAA blogs this morning and came across yours. Praying you get your birthday referral today! Happy Happy Birthday from another December baby! ~ Jackie