Shots and more shots....

Well, today Russ and I went to the Vanderbilt travel clinic to get our shots for travel to Ethiopia. I got 5 shots and Russ had to get 6. You might think that was enough but we actually have to get our Hep B from our primary care physician and we may have to go back and get Yellow Fever if we decide we want to leave the city of Addis Adaba on our trip. We also got Typhoid pills an antibiotic prescription and a list of things not to eat. Although this was not just loads of fun it again makes it seem a little closer and a little more real which is very exciting. Next step....is for the phone to ring!

This weekend my husband and parents are giving me a 40th birthday party (no it is not a surprise). The theme is Ethiopian and we are having Ethiopian/African decorations, food and music. I am so looking forward to the party and to sharing a little bit of our sons culture with all my friends and family. I will try to remember to take pics and post them.

Headed to take some more tylenol and massage my arms....

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