A Week of Wonder(ing)

I wonder how long it will be until we get to hold Sam, I wonder how big he is and how he is feeling. I wonder if we are going to travel on the 13th. I wonder, I wonder I wonder and for those of you who know me I really like to know these things:) To catch everyone up....we received tentative travel dates early last week. On Thursday our paperwork got submitted to the embassy but then on Friday the embassy sent out a message that all adoptions were potentially going to be delayed due to further investigations. There was a story that aired on CBS on Feb.15th that was about unethical practices with Ethiopian adoptions which has started the Embassy looking into each adoption further. The news report was about a different agency than ours and there were some questionable reporting but it seems to be affecting all adoptions. I definitely want everything to be on the up and up for all adoptions but I also really want my baby!!!

When I spoke with our agency on Monday they did not know how it might affect our travel group but that I might be o.k. since our paperwork was sent on Thursday before the decision to stop issuing visas. But now it is Wednesday night and I still have not heard from our agency. I have called and sent emails but no word. The tickets we reserved are only on hold through tomorrow and I really don't know what to do. I knew there would be some question and risk but with this new situation I am not particularly wanting to book tickets and incur change fees, incr. rates, etc. if they already know for a fact that no visas will be given.......ugh.....lil frustrating. Part of my heart is still hoping that maybe we get to travel on the 13th but my head is preparing for an 8 WEEK DELAY.

I hope the Embassy lets our agency know something soon and then that the word gets to all the families waiting quickly....

Would love your prayers,

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  1. Oh Jennifer, that just makes my heart hurt. That careless reporting would be allowed to cause delays to all these babies coming home forever just ticks me off! I am praying for the Lord to have victory over all of this and get the ball rolling again! I'm so sorry that everything is up in the air. I HATE that feeling.
    Love ya' sweet friend,