Update on Sam

We received our February update on Sam yesterday with three new pictures. He is so adorable and seems very happy. He is now 13 lbs and 24 inches. He is taking 7 bottles a day (2 at night) and is holding his head up on his own. He has 9 different nannies that care for him and he has completely recovered from his pneumonia....thank you all for your prayers!

It was so exciting to get the update on Sam but we also found out that we will not be traveling on March 13th and that it looks like it could possibly be as late at mid May. I can't put into words how incredibly disappointed I am...and frustrated....and sad. God's timing is perfect and it will be perfect when we have Sam in our arms but in my humanness it is so hard not knowing what that timing is!! I think about Sam all the time especially at night because I know that is when he is awake. I wake up and shoot up a little prayer for him throughout the night and hope that someone is loving on him and kissing him at that very moment. I so bad want to just fly over and love on him for a few days and then come back and wait for when we can go pick him up for good but Russ does not think that is a good idea. I am pretty sure he thinks that either I will not come home or I will try to sneak him in my bag and bring him with me:) He knows me well.

So I am going to try to continue to have faith that we will be with Sam soon, hope that it is sooner rather than later and love for him that is not measurable.

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  1. Jennifer,
    Sam is such a cutie!! I'm so excited for him and for your family. I'm praying for you as you wait until May. It is so hard to understand, and I know how your heart must long to be with him. God is in control still, and you can take great comfort in knowing He is holding your son while you wait.