Ready or not...here we go

It is Friday night and I am almost ready. Cole has gone on a trip with my family (to see UT beat Ohio State and advance in the NCAA tournament). Caroline has gone to my mom's house and Brooke, Russ and I are getting those last minute things done and packed. All the care packages I am taking arrived so they are all packed in case anyone didn't get confirmation from me that I received theirs. I have been very anxious and overwhelmed throughout the day but now feel a bit of peace....actually I can't wait to go to bed so that tomorrow will be here faster. I am going to try and update our blog as often as is possible with details of our trip. We fly home on Saturday, April 3rd at 5:45pm...would love to see everyone and have you meet Samuel Hayes Connelly!


  1. i cannot believe how fast you've gotten ready...amazing:)! can't wait, can't wait, can't wait...the phillips will be counting down the days for sweet sam to get home!!! if you have trouble updating and want me to post something, just email me if possible...i'd be happy to! soak up some ethiopia for me--i can't wait to hear every detail!

  2. Ok, I'm sitting here with tears running down my face because it brings back such sweet, sweet memories. What joy you will feel when Sam is placed in your arms!!! We will be praying for you each day.
    We love you,