Small steps

Got a call from America World today and our paperwork has finally made it through the system and will be submitted to the Embassy tomorrow. This is not a step that normally would be reported on but with all the delays and the issues with the Embassy not issuing visas it has become a big deal. Now the Embassy will have the paperwork on our case and can at least start the investigations and hopefully in a week or two give us tentative travel dates again. Our agency is still saying it will be mid-May though.

I did read on another persons blog that they had received TTDs and they passed court the same week we did. They are with a different agency so it doesn't mean that we will follow their timeline but they are going to be able to travel in April......and a mom can hope can't she! Hoping to get more pictures from a family that just got home this past weekend. As soon as I receive them I will post.

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  1. A step - any size - forward is a step in the right direction. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.