Court Date Assigned!!

We received our court date today....it is February 16th, which is actually the night of the 15th for us. I ask for your prayers that our case will be heard that day and that we will receive a favorable decision. Only 50% of cases pass on the first court hearing....so we will need everyone's prayers! This is the next step in bringing Sam home and it was such a nice surprise to find out that the date was not too far off.

We also received a new picture of our sweet son. A family that is in Ethiopia this week picking up their daughter took a care package for us and then sent this picture which was such a wonderful blessing....he looks so happy. Wish I could post a picture but until we pass court they will not allow us to. I am going to be sending another care package to a family that is traveling over Valentine's Day.

I love Sam so much already and eagerly, anxiously, excitedly await having him in my arms...I may never let him down.

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  1. ohhhh, i'm just SO excited!! i cannot wait to see precious sam in your arms!!! you'll have to put him down for a minute 'cuz you know i'll have to squeeze him:)!! yaaaayyyyy!! will be praying!