I have been working on my blog (for a while) and somehow managed to get both the time in Ethiopia and some music added. It is a pretty simple process it just wasn't simple for me. At one point I thought my blog was playing two songs at the same time....it wasn't until I started closing browsers that I realized I had my site up twice and it was playing two songs at the same time...it was pretty cool though. My next goal is to be able to add pictures......so I am going to test it out on this post and the picture will be totally random.

The kids had their first week of school this week and it has actually gone very well. I can see that I am really going to miss not having Caroline home in the afternoons.......my arms ache for that sweet baby from Ethiopia!! We actually have not made any progress on the adoption...ugh. I am waiting on the paper from USCIS - still waiting. I am though reading a new book that I can already tell I am going to love. It is called Fields of the Fatherless and yes it is about adoption.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - we are headed to the lake with my adoption buddy.

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