Happy Birthday Russ!

This past weekend (7/31 to be exact) was Russ' birthday. We celebrated the entire weekend and had lots of fun family time. You will see pics below. I am so thankful to have a wonderful husband who loves me enough to trust me, believe in me and yes put up with me. We have been through a tremendous amount in 16 years but because of our love for the Lord we have weathered the storms and come out stronger. Russ is an incredibly hard worker, an incredible dad, son, uncle and husband. Depending on how far down you have read in my post you will know that adopting was on my heart before it was on Russ'. Although I have no doubt Russ will be in love every bit as much as me with our son - his love for God and for me is what got him to the point that he was willing to take a leap of faith and start this amazing journey! If you can't tell I love him very much and feel very blessed that God brought us together - then let me say "I love you, Russ". Our days are not all filled with sunshine but they are filled with love.............

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