Smiling ear to ear

I have the greatest friends! I went for a walk with my friend Karen this morning and she mentioned making a comment on one of my blog post. Crazy me had not noticed that several of my posts had comments and as I went back through and read them I began to smile bigger and bigger. Karen and Jeanine your words are so encouraging and uplifting, I am very blessed to have you as friends and to have you praying for us. I don't know how to reply back to a comment you have made so the only way I know to thank you is to write a post about how great you both are!

There was also a sweet post from Kristi and a post from a "new friend" Lindsay. Lindsay I was so happy to hear from you and to hear that you are in this process with us. It would be wonderful if your family moved to Franklin....it is a nice city and the Ethiopian Fellowship group is the greatest. If your looking in this area you ought to check out Murfreesboro too.......just a little plug for my hometown. Please send me your blog when it is ready I would love to follow along on your journey.

Thanks again to all for the encouraging comments!


  1. awwww...now we're both smiling ear to ear! i had so much fun on our walk this a.m. i usually won't walk that far/long when i'm by myself, so we'll have to keep it up:) thanks for your sweet words...so thankful for YOU and this journey that brought our hearts together in friendship!

  2. Now I am grinning too! I love praying with you through this journey. It blesses my socks off! I am so thankful for you and the wonderful connection we all have now through the awesome experience of adoption!