DTE Day....Finally

What a special day.....it is my parents anniversary, my dear friend Des' birthday and my DTE DAY! Yes that is right my dossier was shipped FedEx to Ethiopia today and from what I can tell this date will prove to be very important as we go through the waiting process. I actually have no clue what happens next exactly but I figure it has to be good that our paperwork is actually going to be in Ethiopia. I have got to read up on this next phase. It is an awesome feeling though to know that we are one step closer to having our son at home with us........I wonder if he is born yet, I wonder if he is an orphan yet, and I pray that somehow he knows in his little heart that I love him and am searching hard for him.

On a lighter note ...my sister sent me a very cute email about dusting (or why we shouldn't even bother) but at the end it had a statement that said
"It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived." Thought it was sweet.


  1. i'm still soooo excited from your phonecall! can't believe it's actually on its way! wish i could fast forward mine to catch up:) we'll have to do a countdown of where you are on the list...they should tell you, right? can't wait!

  2. Jennifer,
    Congrats on sending off the dossier. I hope we will be sending ours off shortly, too.
    So good to see you guys at the gala a few weeks ago and I look forward to seeing you more and going through this journey together through the Ethiopian Fellowship Group.
    Jo Franklin