Waiting is not very exciting...

I am sure you saw in my previous blog that we are DTE 8/20/2009!!! There was so much to do in the paperwork part of our adoption that I literally worked on it everyday. Although I am glad that part is over it is a bit odd to now just wait and not be doing much. I am not impatient (yet) about the waiting it is just hard to update much on my blog because really there is not an update except that we have now been waiting 2 weeks. There is a great "unofficial" list on a yahoo group that keeps things updated but we are not close enough on the list to make the list yet. The yahoo group however, is so helpful, kind, informative and supportive. It is nice to have friends going through the same process even though we have not met in person and actually might not.

One update is that a very dear friend of mine that was following God's call to adopt is home with her baby! It is an incredible story and has God written over every part of it. They were starting the process to adopt from Ethiopia and then God redirected them to a domestic adoption and ONE week later they were bring a precious little boy home to their family. If you would like to read this inspiring story you can go to Karen's blog at www.followingthephillips.blogspot.com

Russ and I are headed on a "grown up" trip this weekend which I am looking forward to however, Caroline cried when I dropped her off at school this morning and I have been crying since........it is so hard to leave all 3 of my precious children even for a weekend. We do figure however that this will be our last trip without kids for a while. Hopefully our next trip will be to Ethiopia!

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day...

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  1. I know waiting is difficult, been there and lived thru it...but, I think it is so cool that God has given you an extremely precious project to work on while you are waiting! You have the amazing opportunity to be helping tons of other orphans right now as you set up 2loveorphans.com and they NEED us. Your little LeroyTazeCameronCooperSamuelHayes has a family. Millions of others don't and you get to be used by the Father to encourage them! Use this waiting time to love on them and then when your sweet boy comes home, you can take a break from helping the others (because your great partner will step up and fly things solo...and spend all of the money) while you just lavish extra love on your new little one. Did we discuss maternity leave?!?!? It is like you are pregnant with twins right now...a little boy is in the womb and so is a little ministry. You need to start building the anticipation up for 2loveorphans.com! I have buzzed thru too many seasons of life trying to get to the next season...hang on sweet sister, just stop and smell those roses God has planted in your life today! :)