My house is so cluttered and all of a sudden it is driving me crazy. I spent the whole day cleaning out my closet and moving summer clothes out. I am also trying to figure out how we are going to do bedrooms, who is going to share, how we will arrange all the rooms and baby items, etc. It is fun and exciting but I don't want to start spending any money until I figure out exactly what the final decision is. All of this on top of not knowing when our son is coming home or how old he is makes it difficult when you are a planner by nature (and/or nurture).

There has not been much word on the progress of where we are on "the list". We do have a conference call on Wednesday with the agency and I am looking forward to getting a little more info then.

The kids are out on fall break this week and next and it is so nice to move a little slower. We are staying home and cleaning out and hopefully cleaning up. We have also planned some local outings and a trip or two to a UT football game. I treasure this time so much with the kiddos now that I am at home with them and can play, read and talk - it is a treasure.

I will update anything I find out Wednesday on the conference call!

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  1. Praying for you guys! I can't wait to hear any news that may come, keep us posted. Please tell the kiddos hello from Mrs. Weathersby and Happy Fall Break!