147 Million Orphans by Brooke Connelly

My children make me very proud all the time and I love them so very much. Not to show off too much but I have to share one story with you. My oldest (Brooke, 12) had to write a poem in one of her classes...they had been discussing the president and his campaign being about "change". The teacher then asked them to take the topic of change and the lesson of poetry and write a poem. Brooke did not tell me about this assignment until time to turn it in. When I read the poem I couldn't believe how good it was, how heartfelt it was and that our family deciding to adopt has really made an impression on her to help orphans. Can you tell I am a proud momma!! Here it is:

147 Million Orphans

Do you care
I want a home
I want a family
I want someone to love me
There are 147 million of us
We don't have anyone to call mom
Please don't be selfish
Love me and I will love you
Do you care?

God has a plan for me
I found my home
I now have someone to love
There are 147 million orphans minus one
My family was very unselfish and chose to take care of me
They love me and I love them
God has a plan for me

Isn't that incredible! I am so PROUD of her. Another bragging moment and I will stop....Brooke has been so unselfish and sweet in regards to our adoption. We have been fortunate to have a house where everyone has their own room but with the addition of our son we are one bedroom short. After some discussion and brain storming Brooke offered to let her little sister who is only 6 move into her room so that the baby can have his own room. It will be such an adjustment and sacrifice for Brooke and yet she very sweetly and willingly offered to do this.

I have so much more to post and update but have to go for now.........


  1. wow..what a beautiful thing for such a young child to write..I'm so impressed!! Our adoption changed our children forever...They pray each and every night for the orphans and their hearts are forever wanting to help now..it is amazing how God can change the hearts of even the youngest of people :) kristi

  2. That Brooke is something else and so is her poem! I loved reading it the other day and then again today. Your kiddos are precious and I fall more and more in love with them every day as I grow closer to your family. I think it will be so exciting to see how God uses all of the children who have adopted siblings in the future. They, too, will be a part of rescuing the lonely and they will be the families God puts the next generation of orphans in...I have loved being an "adoptive mom"...bet being an "adoptive grandmom" is even more incredible! :)