One month down....

Things have been extremely quiet on the adoption front so I am having to make my own little celebrations! We have now been on the official waiting list for one month which if you take the middle point of the wait time (6 months) means we are 1/6th closer to bringing home our sweet son. Can you tell I have too much time to think about the wait? Actually I have done pretty good.......not too anxious yet and have now made a list of everything I would like to get finished before traveling to Ethiopia. I am in the middle of a bible study with our church and have just joined BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) which is quite a commitment and will keep me busy in prayer and studying the bible.........definitely the best way I could find to pass this time.

America World usually posts referrals every 2 weeks or so and there had not been any referrals announced for almost six weeks until this past Friday. There were not infant boys referred but 6 other sweet children. Courts in Ethiopia open back up in October and the lady who handles a lot of the referrals for America World has just come back from maternity leave so I am hoping as I know many others are that there will be lots of referrals flowing soon.

Hope to be able to update more about our adoption but right now it truly is pretty quiet. I plan to check out Vanderbilt's International Pediatric Unit, begin planning on the switching around of bedrooms and Oct. 1st I usually start on Christmas----can you believe it is coming up so fast. It is amazing how time can move so slow and so fast at the exact same time.

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  1. Just wanted to say your blog is sooooo fun!
    I am a fellow AW waiting mom! Looking forward to watching your journey!!