Praise God! Dossier is sent to America World

The day I have been waiting for..........(with a slight modification). Caitlin at America World, our adoption agency, told me I could go ahead and submit my dossier without the I-171H. I was so excited and relieved. This way she can be reviewing all the documents and then by the time she is done hopefully I will have the form and the whole package can be sent to Ethiopia. This just makes me feel like at least a little progress is happening instead of everything being totally stuck and not moving forward. I feel like we are getting closer to bringing our son home and I pray for him nightly. I do not know if he has been born yet or not and what his situation might be but I pray for him and for his mother. I yearn for him and I love him even though I have not seen him.

Now in case you would like to see a picture of what I have been doing for the past three months and groaning about on here I have posted a few pics of the paperwork and the FedEx package that was sent out today! There was really no way to answer the question of the value of what is inside......what do they say......priceless.

I still have to follow up with immigration and work diligently to get the form into my hands but this somewhat seemingly small step forward is like climbing Mt. Everest to me. Thank you all for your prayers.

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