The Gala

The Orphan's Ticket Home Gala was Saturday night and it was such a great night. The event was very well done, music was nice but my favorite was a tie between Tom Davis' talk and Aster's talk. Tom Davis has written several books, is an adoptive dad and had a great message about how all 143 million orphans are God's children and that he loves them so much and he expects us to do whatever we can to help them, love them and save them.

He gave an example that if one of our children went missing, not only would we no longer throw away the mailers that say "Have you seen me?" but that he bet there was nothing we wouldn't do to save our child. We would be on every radio and TV station, we would sell all our possessions, we would do what ever it takes to bring our sweet child home. This is how God feels about his children who are suffering and he is waiting for us to do something about it. God gave us free will but his heart's desire is for all of us that know and love him to love the least of these.

There are so many good causes and God calls us to be champions for different causes but He is very clear that we are all to care for the orphans, widows and strangers.... That may not mean to adopt yourself but it is clear that we are all to do something.

My sweet sister went to the Gala to support me in my adoption and she also gave to support the Orphan's Ticket Home. She is an incredibly giving person and I am lucky to have her as my sister and friend. Love you Christy.......................

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