Sweet Caroline

What a great weekend we had. We went to Center Hill Lake with the Stalnaker family and they were so kind, sweet and generous. We had an incredible time and are very appreciative of their invite. By the time we got home it was too late to make it to our Ethiopian Family get together and although I really wanted to go I was probably trying to pack too much into one weekend - which Russ says I do all the time.

To explain the picture......although those who know Caroline will need no explanation....Caroline is very creative and enjoys picking out her own clothes. This outfit she has on is obviously a combination of several outfits - mostly hers but the sash is mine. I am not sure where she saw someone holding their baby this way but she must have because I have not had a baby sling (at least not yet). When she came downstairs I could not help but smile and wonder although we are ready for Africa - is Africa ready for us! I used to struggle with Caroline not having on one complete outfit but now I enjoy her uniqueness and smile at her creations (most of the time). Notice her cute little black baby doll she has in the sling - it's a little boy and she loves him.

Adoption update - WE RECEIVED THE I-171H FORM ON THURSDAY!!!! I made copies and sent them to America World and got an email this morning that they had received the copies. They will now do a second check over my ENTIRE dossier and if everything is o.k. they will take it to authenticate it at the Federal level and then over to the Ethiopian embassy. I am so excited and although I know the wait will be a challenge it feels very good to have the paperwork part done. I am hoping that the baseball, soccer and volleyball games that we have over the next several weeks will make it pass by a little quicker.

Blessings to all,


  1. oh, caroline is just so cute! i love that she is her own little unique self!! you got your I-171??? that is awesome!! did you not think that was an important bit of info to share on the phone yesterday? i'm just teasing you; i'm soooooo happy you got it! i got the last piece of paper i needed for our hs today, so i'm taking it to the social worker tomorrow--yippee!