Ups and Downs

Monday came and went without much to note in regards to the adoption and then Tuesday morning a great phone call. Mr. Rick Werhh, the ASC Manager (fingerprint place) called and said I actually only had to have a police letter from Murfreesboro! Yahoo----cause I already had it. I was so happy and went immediately and overnighted the letter to the Memphis office. I was thinking that things were finally breaking for me in regards to this form.

Then Wednesday....... a note from Memphis that said on page 2 of the application there was a place to date and sign and although we had both signed we had not both dated the document. Can you believe that.........they would not budge and are returning that page of the application to me via USPS regular mail. Once I receive it I will date it and then have to mail it back and then they will proceed with our application. They have had our application since June 1st and are just now noticing the date thing...........

O.K. so you can imagine my frustration and disappointment. But on Thursday it occurred to me that I could at least ask our family coordinator if since I had absolutely everything but that one sheet of paper (which we keep and they just get a copy of) could I go ahead and send the packet to her for review. Thank goodness she replied yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means basically I could send in our Dossier - the moment I have been working towards for close to 3 months! Caitlin can't send our dossier to Ethiopia until we have the form but she can be checking our documents for anything else that may need to be revised, added, etc.

I am not sure if you can understand the pressure of the dossier unless you are doing or have done one but it is a huge project and one that I so bad have wanted to complete (for numerous reasons).

So I continue on my journey of ups and downs but when I put it all in perspective I realize I am a very blessed person....................................

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