I'm So Excited.....

Actually not much has happened for us specifically BUT after 6+weeks of no baby boy referrals there were finally some referrals this week! I think I have mentioned before about the "unofficial waiting list" that is kept by some wonderful people. It is a list of everyone's information that has sent it to them so there could be families not on the blog and not on the unofficial list but it seems like to me that about 90% of the families from America World adopting from Ethiopia are included.

When I started "my list" we were number 10 of the known families requesting infant (0-2) boys. I check for referrals often (yes, daily) and after going for more than 6 weeks without seeing a referral I was getting a little down. Yesterday was a busy but wonderful day which I am going to post about next so I did not have time to check email until last night. When I saw the words referral and recognized the names I got SO excited. At first there were two referrals and then I went to send an email at 10:30 last night to one of the kids teachers and saw another boy referral----for a total of 3. Joy, love, hope, joy,love, hope kept running through my body - it was great. We have had a very difficult month dealing with losing Hallee and there was so much darkness in our grief - please know we are very happy for Hallee knowing she is with Jesus and happier than we could ever even imagine but we love and miss her so much and it is so difficult watching your daughter ache all day everyday that the darkness was present. This news is such a light to all of us.......a hope, a dream, a new Connelly boy!

Now I must admit in regards to information we have officially received nothing happened yesterday but on my list we made it to number 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God's timing is perfect and I don't know exactly what it is for our family but I will sing praise to Him as we move a little closer family by family.

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