2 months down....

Actually I am posting one day early but tomorrow is the 20th which means we have been on the waiting list officially for two months! The wait was 5-7 months and is now 6-8 months but either way we are getting closer. There has not been much news from the agency but that is to be expected right now. I think the next step will be that we will receive an "on-deck" email. Once you receive this email it is about 1-2 months until you receive a referral. I know it is a bit early but I still get excited when I see an email come through from AWAA.

Last week was an extremely difficult week and we are still grieving for our sweet friend Hallee and praying for her family. Thank goodness for their faith and our faith it truly is what gets us through day to day and have hope. The funeral was so sweet and Brooke did an incredible job speaking (as did everyone)- I know Hallee is proud of her.

Praying for a peaceful week,

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