Our Sweet Hallee.

It has been several days since I have posted because we have had a terrible loss in our lives. Brooke's best friend Hallee Cartwright passed away on Friday October 9th and it has devastated not only us but everyone who knew her. We had a wonderful weekend with her last weekend celebrating Brooke's birthday...a fun mother/daughter dinner on Monday night. Hallee became ill on Wednesday and although her mom had her at the doctors Wednesday and Thursday by Thursday night Hallee was critically ill. She had been diagnosed with the flu but somehow her mom knew it was more than that and late Thursday night took her to the hospital. Hallee passed away around 6am on Friday morning and it is a fact I still cannot seem to grasp even as I sit here typing.

Brooke, Hallee and Hannah have been BFFs since Hannah and Hallee were in kindergarten and for Brooke since she started PCA in fourth grade. The girls loved being together it really didn't matter what they were doing and we as parents knew there was never having just two of them...it was the three no matter what. The girls have shared so many wonderful times with school, sports, sleepovers, vacations, etc. I am so happy that they have so many wonderful memories and yet overcome with grief. As you parents know...your child's best friends become your children and Russ and I both feel a tremendous loss.

I have to ramble a little and tell you a story about Rhonda (Hallee's mom). Rhonda is an incredible person and has been such a good friend to me. I remember when we first started PCA and not only did Brooke and Cole not know anyone I didn't know many folks myself. I was sitting on the basketball floor waiting for practice to be over for Brooke and the nicest lady came right over in her work attire and sat down, introduced herself and said we will have to get our girls together. Brooke had been feeling a little "too new" at school but not for one day after this. Hallee and her friend Hannah took Brooke in and never looked back. Rhonda also took me in and as two working moms at the time we had an instant connection. We spent a week in a hotel room with the three girls last year on a school field trip to DC and truly had as much fun as the girls did. Rhonda's heart showed through in Hallee and vice versa. Des (Hannah's mom) and I were constantly giving our girls a hard time about be more like Hallee or have Hallee's manners, etc.

Because I always like telling Caroline stories I want to mention what she told me as we layed down tonight to go to bed. Today was the first day back to school and the school had grief counselors and the teachers did a great job talking to the kids...so when I asked Caroline about her day she said they had talked about Hallee and that she had raised her hand to speak. I asked her what she asked or said and she said that she would really miss Hallee because Hallee was her sister Brooke's best friend and that she was her best friend also. It made me smile and think about how many people refer to Hallee as their best friend...pretty much anyone who knew her from very young to very old. Hallee had a way of making you feel so special.

So as I am typing I feel that I have not done near good enough job explaining the sweet heart to anyone who did not know Hallee but she was a true angel. The joy she brought to my Brooke's heart and the friendship they have will not end on last Friday yet simply take another form and the things Brooke learned from her and the memories she has will last forever until they meet again.......to laugh and laugh and laugh.

Please pray for Hallee's family specifically for her mom Rhonda, her father Keith and sister Hannah C. and all their extended family. Please pray for Brooke and Hannah S. and all of Hallee's great friends. Thanks,


  1. Jennifer, you expressed your heart beautifully. I was amazed today to see those girls smiling through their tears. It was interesting that you mentioned what Caroline said, because Avery called Hallee her best friend as well. She said Hallee always gave her a hug when we went to school which is about all it takes for Avery to love someone! What a precious legacy Hallee has left. I am so proud of the way all of our kids have handled this sad time. I am praying for Hallee's family and friends.

  2. jenn...i know this was hard to write and not something you ever wanted to write, but it's beautiful. i'm so so sorry you are having to watch your daughter hurt as you hurt too...i can't imagine. i am praying God will continue to fill you with His spirit and the words to say when you need them. i am so proud of Brooke for speaking at the funeral...in some way, maybe processing through all of that to prepare will help her little heart start to heal. she is so brave and such a good friend to do that! i'm here if you need me...love ya!