I am posting several blogs because one I want to catch up and two I am in the hotel with three sleeping girls and it is very quiet! I must thank my sweet Aunt Jane for letting us stay at the hotel...it is always so nice and so easy! Had dinner with her and my awesome cousin Kelli last night...we had so much fun, I love being with them both.

About 2loveorphans.........My friend Tracy and I both have a heart for orphans and feel that God is calling us to be his hands here on earth to help their cause. Tracy adopted from China four years ago and I am in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. At an adoption Gala event in Nashville we were both moved to do more. I in fact told my sister on the phone that night that I was ready to adopt six or more but seeing as how there are 147 million orphans Tracy and I decided that we should do something that would help more children even if it meant we did not adopt more ourselves. With that thought and some brainstorming we came up with the idea to start an organization/partnership/mission/effort called 2loveorphans.com
We even have a mission statement...
2loveorphans.com (2LO) is an organization that longs to be a part of helping defend, rescue and deliver orphans from their distress. God promises to set the lonely in families and 2LO wants to be a part of His plans for the orphan and encourage others to do the same.

In a nutshell we just want to encourage others to speak up for and pray for the orphans...they are real children with real stories and real hearts....they may be far away but they are part of our world and our lives. Not all are called to adopt but all are called to care.

This website has been so much fun to create...it is still in a draft format but you can go to it and check it out. Let me know your thoughts....

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