Happy Birthday my sweet Brooke -13

Today is Brooke's 13th birthday and it is quite fitting that we are in Knoxville. She was born at the UT hospital at 8:24am and I quietly went into her room this morning and kissed her forehead. I brought her and two of her sweet friends, Hannah and Hallee, up to Knoxville to experience a UT ballgame. It is beautiful fall weather and I know will be such a great day. Russ, Cole and Caroline are headed up to meet us as soon as Caroline's game soccer game is over. It was my dad's birthday yesterday, my nephews birthday tomorrow and my brother's the following day..........what a weekend to celebrate! I will post a picture or two once I get home to my computer.

The adoption conference call was good. No really new information but nice to hear about things going on with the agency and in Ethiopia from an official source. Courts have been delayed re-opening for a week which I hate for so many families who have received referrals but it does not exactly affect our situation.

We are looking and praying about some children on the waiting list (this is children who are either older or possibly have a medical condition). There is a precious little four year old boy that we were talking about .....I went to have lunch with a friend about my 40th birthday and they were considering the same boy....they are actually on the list to review his file behind one other family. How wonderful is that! This little boy has so many people praying and wanting him....I hope somehow in his heart he knows he is already loved.

Not sure what the next step or update will be on our adoption...the waiting time goes stretches without much update....

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