History - Part I

It is Thursday morning and I am once again at the computer checking emails, facebook, and the 5-6 blogs on adoption that I follow daily. Yes that is right on adoption. I have not posted on my blog because there is so much I want to go back and "tell" that I can't seem to find the time but I am going to start today and hopefully get caught up or at least get to 2009.

Russ and I are praying daily about my feeling called to adopt. We have three terrific children and a very busy schedule with school, sports, guitar, social events, friends, etc. One would think that our cup would be overflowing but there seems to be something missing and I believe that something is a little boy in Africa. In an effort to provide some history I am going to digress back to when I was a child.

I don't remember why or exactly when but I remember wondering if I was adopted?? That is a bit crazy seeing as how there are plenty of pictures of my mom being pregnant, having me in the hospital and the fact that I look very much like my entire family. I don't believe it was a worry but an interest in what adoption was ........it was very interesting to me. I have always loved children and spent most weekends babysitting. I loved Ginny and Cameron Hunt so much (and as a side note Cameron was adopted).

Although growing up I never thought about adopting myself I do believe the seed had already been planted for a time much later............

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