Mothers Day and the present

What an incredible mothers day! My husband and children are so sweet and made my day very special. I am pretty sure Caroline told me she loved me 20+ times......she is always filled with lots of emotion. Well, Russ has always been very good with personal presents (outside the one mishap with some perfume) and he is even better with his cards........not only the card itself but the note he writes inside of them. However, this card may win the award for all time greatest. Inside his very kind note about me and our family he wrote that he was ready to start the process to bring our son home!!! I am so excited, thrilled, surprised, anxious and overwhelmed all at the same time. What an incredible husband I have and with everything he is dealing with and has dealt with over the past two years and yet he is willing to trust me and God that this is what is meant for our family. Together we will follow the plans God has for us and be blessed with a child of His to love forever.

We spent the day at my parents and everyone was so happy for us and supportive of our decision. It is such a blessing and joy to have my family be excited about this journey we will all be taking. My brother and sister-in-law also just announced this week that they will be adding to their family- she is pregnant with her second child and I truly could not be happier for them. It will be so great having cousins so similar in age.

This post is a pretty big jump from my last one and there is so much to tell of God's work between "the talk" and "the present". I do plan to update and give all the details but am headed off to bed for tonight.

I can't imagine anything greater than being a mom........Happy Mothers Day to all!

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