Out of Order-but almost caught up!

Now would actually be where the post called The Gift should go (scroll down about 4 posts or so). I have tried to write about our process of coming to the decision to adopt - a love story of sorts. On May 10th (actually the night before) Russ gave me a Mother's Day card that said "Let's start the process to bring our son home".

As anyone who has adopted knows -- the papers began flying! What a tremendous process. On Friday, May 15th we had our first meeting with our social worker - Bethany Graff. She was so helpful and very kind. She did however, have even more paperwork for us! She asked us our motivation to adopt and specifically to adopt from Ethiopia..................and then she had to listen to basically everything that is listed below this post. Our next meeting is Tuesday the 19th for our personal interviews. We meet with her four times so she can determine if we are fit to be parents..................for Brooke, Cole and Caroline's sake I hope we pass the test:)

We are also planning to talk with Russ' family this week - my prayer is that God will talk through us to explain our decision.

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