A little more history....February

I was so taken back when Russ agreed to pray about us adopting that I didn't know what to think. He had not really taken me seriously in the past but I think we both knew there was something different this time. Anyhow, with him not saying no I was full speed ahead on research. I spent hours looking at different agencies, researching countries, buying books, reading blogs, searching websites, etc.

Somehow in all that research I got on a mailing list and received a bulk email about an adoption conference in Nashville on February 21st. It was a Saturday and an all day event........I hated to even mention it to Russ but of course I did and he said he would go!! We went and it was very informative and really good timing. We spoke with a person from America World about how to decide where to adopt from and she told us that God would lead us by opening some doors and closing others. Well, this was very true and after just a few days (but many hours of research) Ethiopia was on our short list. I was pretty sure that I wanted to adopt from Africa but had initially looked at Rwanda. One of my biggest concerns was how a child would adapt being taken out of his country, culture and placed into our little world where he will not look like the rest of his family in regards to his skin color. But guess what, at the adoption conference we were told about a group that meets in Brentwood once a month and all of the families have either adopted or are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. Is this not amazing.........lots of families that will look just like us with boys and girls, white skin and dark skin, with biological kids and adopted kids and lots with both just like us. Talk about an instant support group!

Their next meeting was February 26th and once again I did not suspect that Russ would have any desire to go to a complete strangers house with no one we knew to discuss adoption from Ethiopia when we had not even committed to taking this step. But I mentioned it anyway and he wanted to go!!! His love for God and for me is just amazing, what a blessing I have been given to be married to him.

So as you can see February was a very exciting month. I was getting very consumed with all the information, meetings and positive signs.

I have not mentioned but I also did have a bit of a scare with a lump that was found in my breast. It was really weird but I did not go crazy with worry probably because I was so focused on the adoption. It did not all get resolved as quickly as I would like but after a biopsy, and surgery it did all get resolved and although I am high risk the doctor is going to watch me close which will be some extra insurance that nothing becomes cancer.
I was also going through Beth Moore's bible study "Esther" and it was wonderful.......I highly recommend it to every woman alive. She is so incredible. Although, I am fully aware that she did not do this bible study specifically for me ........it felt as though she did. Things seemed to relate so directly to this decision we had before us. I even brought one weeks session home and asked Russ to watch it. I don't think everyone who goes through the study will want to adopt but whatever your call is that God has laid out for you will take on new meaning as you progress through the nine weeks.

That is all for now.........I hope I am not leaving too much out and will move on to March in my next post.

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