The Talk

O.K. so this is the last post I am going to do today .......I am anxious to get caught up but if I am not careful it is going to be time to pick up kids and I will not have done the breakfast dishes.

It was Friday morning, January 23rd and Russ and I were headed to Atlanta for the Craters and Freighters Southeast regional meeting. Yes, in other words, Russ was trapped and with no kids in the car there was no chance of me getting distracted. I remember so much of our conversation especially the incredibly sweet, supportive and loving comments Russ made but for some reason I struggle remembering how in the world I brought this up. Now, my expectations were for Russ to say "You are crazy, no way no how and you can find someone else if this is your plan". But God was there for me and for him and he listened intently to my feeling that God was calling me to do this and that it was not about me. Russ agreed to pray about if this is what God wanted for our family and that is truly all any wife could ever ask for..........told you before that I am so blessed.

The next several posts will be about our research part of this process and as I sit here typing I do not know if we are going to adopt or not but I do know that God will guide us and that we must trust Him. A very large part of me hopes that this is God's calling on my heart and that I am not confused about what He is asking me to do. However, I know the important part is that I continue to seek Him and his will for me whatever that may look like down the road.

For God so loved the world......................aren't we lucky!

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