Kindergarten Graduation

Whew! Last week of school and it is a crazy week. Tuesday Cole's Africa project was due, Wednesday was Caroline's kindergarten graduation and tomorrow is field day which I am a volunteer for and have to be there to set up at 6:00 AM!! It will be so nice to be home next week.

Caroline's graduation was absolutely adorable. The two classes put on a mini play called "Journey of Praise" and Caroline was the "A" in praise. She knew her lines perfectly and sang the songs at the top of her voice. When they marched out in their white cap and gowns it was the sweetest and sadest of moments. They already look older. Their was a reception afterwards and then a graduation/birthday party afterwards at the Jordan's.

Update on adoption: Totally overwhelmed with the paper chase. Often referred to as the paper pregnancy.....this is definitely a project keeping up with forms to fill out, some notarize, some certify, some send to social worker, some to the family coordinator. I have had to ask so many people to sign things, write letters, etc. It is truly a job running down all the paperwork. After saying all that I will say that it is still better than throwing up for 12 weeks which I did with all three of my pregnancies. We have our last home visit scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon. Russ and I both had our individual interviews last week and as anyone who knows us can imagine Russ' took 45 min and mine 1 1/2 hours..............the typical time is one hour:) Bethany asked us everything from birth, education, family members, hobbies, work history, views on marriage, family support, attributes of each family member and that is just what pops in my mind right now.

I sent my paperwork off to USCIS last week and was very disappointed to see it returned to me this week. I had not sent enough money (missed one of the fees) and so I sent it back off tonight. This is the agency that will send us the paperwork that says we can bring a child from outside the US into the US as a citizen. Apparently this is the part that takes the longest and that is why I was so anxious to at least get in the system.......oh well. I have been working very hard to get as much of the paperwork done before the kids get out of school and summer fun begins. I will need some time next week but then should be in pretty good shape.

Will post pics of Caroline's big day as soon as I figure out how .........need to go start getting the house organized for our home visit next week................

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